Meanwhile, a similar transformation was taking place around Curiko. Her tiny human ears sprouted into larger silver pointed folds. Her pudgy body bulged with extra musculature. Like a fast motion flower, a fluffy bright orange tail sprouted from her bare rump. She gasped, as if the transformation had breathed new life into her, and the last of the cloud of mechacytes disappeared. She sat up and looked to Elzebeth, her eyes now two brilliant green orbs.

Elzebeth was struck speechless by the beauty in those eyes. She made her way carefully to the changed girl. Underneath the table an adorable fox cowered, pressing itself against Curiko’s hip. Curiko stroked her new tail, twining her fingers into the fluffy fur. She smiled at Elzebeth, her eyes twinkling with humor.

“What happened to you?” Elzebeth asked.

“I took the mechacytes that were causing this poor fox to be a monster. He didn’t really appreciate them anyway. He was frightened by all the power and changes.”

“So, I guess we can add that to talents that you have.”

Curiko smiled sheepishly. Sharp new fangs just long enough to poke past her lips made her smile seem a bit wolfish. Fascinated, Elzebeth caught herself staring at all the little changes. The fox girl raked her hands through the air, and growled playfully.

Elzebeth sighed and shook her head. Absently she ran her fingers through Curiko’s bangs. “You aren’t going to turn into some kind of mindless monster, are you? I would hate to have to clean up that mess.”

“Take you clothes off and we can find out, Lover,” Curiko snorted.

“You are insatiable,” Elzebeth smiled, stealing a kiss. “Now put on some clothes and be scarce. I’ll have to try to explain this in the paperwork without mentioning you.” She bent over, picking the terrified fox up by the scruff.”

Curiko stood and twirled in place. As she spun, a silver bra and panties appeared on her. She stopped spinning and snapped her fingers. A jacket coalesced on her shoulders.

Elzebeth snorted. “Was the dance necessary?

“I can’t help it if I have pizzazz.”

“Leave,” Elzebeth smacked her on the rump, confident that she would make herself scarce among the inner workings of the lab facility.