Curiko’s body, which was already glistening from the moisture of her exertions, began to steam. Wafts of mist were rising from her prone form under the monster. On a hunch, Elzebeth used her mechanical eye to zoom in on the puffs rising from her girlfriend. Her gut feeling was correct, it wasn’t steam at all, but a cloud of tiny machines. The miniature devices each generated a minuscule light, which was causing the glowing mist effect around the woman and the monster who was fucking her.

The monster’s body tightened, and its hips went from thrusting to twitching. It let out a long low pitched howl, its muzzle lifting high into the air. Curiko bucked her hips, lifting her legs and wrapping them around the monster, forcing it to stay with her.

“Oh, fuck yes!” squealed Curiko. “Cum in me you bad beast!”

Elzebeth rolled her eyes at the cheese her girlfriend was spewing. She wasn’t really sure what Curiko was intending to do at this point. She had managed to subdue the creature, but at this point, she looked like she was enjoying herself too much to capture it. Was she really intending to let that filthy creature ejaculate into her? Part of Elzebeth was disgusted by that thought, of course, but a larger part of her was very turned on by the idea.

If Curiko had any qualms, they didn’t slow her exuberance. Her body bunched, and her legs tightened. She came, screaming and thrashing like a woman possessed. The shimmering cloud which had surrounded both woman and monster began to glow brightly. Elzebeth squinted her good eye, and filtered the brightness with her cyborg eye.

Beneath the glow, the monster fox was struggling as if it had been hurt. It stumbled backwards, trying to escape the mist around it. A string of cum trailed from its drooping cock tip, right to Curiko’s slit. She didn’t seem to notice this, since she was still arched and quivering in the throes of an intense orgasm.

The cloud circled the monster, growing larger and then smaller. The brightness ebbed and waxed, creating the visage of a magic spell. Slowly the particles coalesced, and drew back into Curiko’s pussy. The monster fell to all fours, shrinking rapidly. Elzebeth had to look twice to make sure she was seeing things correctly. Large gruesome claws turned into tiny delicate paws. Snarling fanged face dissolved into a smooth muzzle. The massive beast shrank until it was an average red fox.