Elzebeth could have destroyed the monster in that moment, but she would have been causing harm to Curiko in the process. Instead, she lowered her arm and let the laser power down. No point in hurting her new girlfriend, and she might be able to contain the creature more effectively with Curiko’s help. Instead she leaned back, crossing her arms over her chest and settled in to watch her girlfriend try and tame the beast.

The beast positioned himself over top of Curiko, and swept his claw down her bikini bottom. The rent fabric fluttered down her thighs, exposing her plump pussy to the monster. The beast hunched its back and its hips, presenting her with a large black tapered cock. He poked experimentally at her slit, which was still dripping from her earlier sexual foray with Elzebeth.

Curiko winked at Elzebeth, angling herself for better penetration. She arched her back, pushing her tits into his fanged face. Taking the bait, it tugged at her nipples with sharp teeth. Elzebeth stepped forward to help, but Curiko waived her away.

“Do you need help?” Elzebeth asked.

“No, he’s actually really friendly.”

He lapped, his long tongue toying with Curiko’s nipples. He placed his claws on her hips, pulling her pelvis in close. He shoved himself into her, all the way to his hips. Her pussy swallowed the length of his meaty cock. She squealed, her face total bliss, even though she should be in pain. The cock was way more than a girl her size should be able to stuff inside of her.

Elzebeth couldn’t take her eyes off the raunchy display in front of her. It was dirty and despicable, but she was definitely turned on by the whole mess. She wondered, a little guiltily, if Curiko would mind this going in her spank bank.

The fox creature pounded into Curiko with all his might. His tongue hung out, lolling down the side of his face. Mercilessly he drove his thick rod into her, using his hand against her chest and throat as leverage. Curiko was keeping pace with the monster as if she were just as much animal as he was. Her hips undulated with every one of his thrusts, and she squealed in high pitch glee.