The tech dashed off, collecting other stragglers on her way. Elzebeth watched her making her way to safety. She turned to Curiko with a sigh. “Why do these types of creatures always want to have sex with human women. Every time I encounter a creature, it has pussy on its mind.”

Curiko tilted her head thoughtfully. “Christophe had some theories about that phenomenon. It is possible that magic wants to flow into empty vessels, like an electric charge traveling from positive to negative. Personally, I think pussy is just hard to resist in general. I am certainly weak to its pull. Regardless, we can use this to our advantage.”

With a wink at Elzebeth and a petulant giggle, Curiko darted off towards the danger.

Elzebeth bolted after her, barely able to keep up with that bouncing tush. “What are you doing?” she called “I can’t just let my new girlfriend run into danger alone.”

When she finally caught up to Curiko, the girl was standing in the ruined lab, her stance ready for a fight. Across the lab, staring Curiko down, was a large red furred fox creature. Elzebeth aimed her wrist laser at the monster, priming the weapon for a quick kill.

Curiko reached over and gently laid her hand over the laser. “Wait,” she said, her touch as light as a butterfly. “let me try something first before you destroy it.”

She crouched low, in a submissive stance, approaching slowly. The fox creature eyed her warily, hopping from one clawed foot to the other in agitation. She pulled her top over her head, and tossed it to the side.

This caused her ample breasts to fall out and bounce seductively. The fox creature was staring and her newly bared boobies, a long sliver of drool slithering down his chin. She wiggled back and forth, causing her breast to swing from side to side like tempting pillows.

Curiko purred. “Do you like this you little pervert? Come and get it. I have plenty. All you have to do is come and get it.”

The monster dropped to all fours, and sidled his way up to Curiko. He sniffed her, his large nose traveling down the length of her neck. He lifted each of her breasts with his massive schnoz, sniffing underneath them. He drifted lower, to her crotch, and that was when she giggled, grabbing his ears and pulling his head away from her sensitive area. He pushed her over, not roughly, and she sprawled out on the floor beneath him.