Lars had probably left the facility at this point, otherwise he would be blowing up her communication screen, demanding she deal with the problem swiftly. That was probably for the best. She wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to explain teaming up with one of the problems she was supposed to eliminate. Much less, that they seemed to be dating now. No, he definitely wouldn’t be amused by that news. Now that he was gone, she was in charge, and except for Vella, she didn’t have to worry about the opinions of anyone else. Knowing Lars, he would be gone for months, and only stop by long enough to demand results, before leaving again.

Her thoughts were interrupted as they skidded to a halt in a hallway intersection. A female lab worker was waiving them down. She was average height with a plump build that put Curiko to shame. Her purple bobbed hair was pinned back with a few hair pins, and a pair of glasses rested high on her forehead just above her hair line. Her lab coat was shredded from her shoulder, down her back, to her waist. She was wearing a short skirt, but a large chunk of that was missing, revealing her ample thigh and butt cheek. She eyed first Curiko, then Elzebeth with open curiosity.

“You’re running the wrong way,” she huffed, her large chest heaving as she fought to catch her breath. “The evacuation is that way.”

“I’m Elzebeth, and I’m the head of security now. This is Curiko. She’s helping. Can you tell us what happened in that lab?”

“Interesting,” she mused. “I’m Catalina, one of the techs in the mechacyte program. It looks like Lars and Christophe’s pet projects have discovered each other.”

“I mean no disrespect,” she added, after a momentary pause. “It’s just not something I expected to see.”

Elzebeth frowned. “I am not happy about the rumors you may have heard regarding myself and our CEO, but we can discuss this later. Right now, I need to know what happened.”

The tech nodded. “We were working on a fox with a broken paw. Nothing special, just your average red fox. The mechacytes worked a little too well. Now the creature is huge like a wolf. It was walking on hind paws, and as you can see from the state of my clothing it tried to get a little too intimate. I barely got away without being ravaged.”

Curiko looked slightly amused, but managed to squash the smile on her face before the tech noticed. “I’m sorry that happened, but you are safe now. Go, show everyone else to safety. I am going to take care of the beastie for you.”