The security officer punched in the numbers. The look of relief that followed was proof that her numbers had worked. “There’s a monster Ma’am. It’s loose in lab 17. They were experimenting on a fox by injecting it with a Far Shoals serum. Now it has grown into a monster and is menacing the lab techs.”

Elzebeth stared at her wrist. “A monster? Good grief, is that normal here? We are going to have to change some security procedures. Never mind, we will talk about it later. I will handle the current emergency. You see what you can do about evacuating the lab and containing the monster.”

“Yes, Chief.” The line went blank.

She shut down the arm screen, and pulled on her pants and hoodie. She didn’t bother with her underwear or any other articles of clothing.

Curiko stood as well, gathering her own clothing. She put it on slowly, an article at a time, as she followed her girlfriend down the ill lit hallways. “I can help a little, I think,” she offered. “The mechacytes infuse extremely well with common animals from the calm. We weren’t really sure why, but every time we used an animal they turned into super animals. He hid the paperwork on his experiments in a secret spot, but if they have decided to start them again, it could be really dangerous.”

“I know you are loyal to Christophe, Curiko, but would you show me where those papers are? I want to keep the scientists and lab techs safe. I need that paperwork to be able to do my job.”

Curiko nodded, “He left me behind, and I’m kind of miffed about that. I thought he liked me, but I’m not sure any more. He has a tendency to be selfish sometimes. In any case, when this is over, I will show you where he keeps his papers. In the meantime, let me show you where lab 17 is, follow me.”

Once Curiko started running, even Elzebeth had trouble keeping up with her. She had to rely heavily on her own mechanical enhancements to increase her speed so she didn’t loose the pudgy girl. Like a blur the two of them made their way down the crowded hallways, past the scientists and lab techs who were being evacuated.