“Christophe did manage to make a serum, using my DNA mixed with other Far Shoal’s DNA. It gives anyone who uses it a temporary Far Shoal’s trait. It could give them speed, or strength, or just a cute pair of cat ears, depending on the DNA he can find to mix into it. If nothing else, I have changed the course of cosmetics in the world. The possibilities are endless, though it was only tested on a few lab techs before Christophe left. He was worried his brother would be angry since we didn’t discover anything he could use permanently. Christophe says his brother, Lars, wants to use my DNA to influence and control people.”

“I find it very interesting that you don’t know anything about mechacytes, considering you have so many of them inside of you.” Curiko changed the subject abruptly. She closed her eyes, touching Elzebeth’s metal arm.

“Stop that.” Elzebeth pulled back. After a moment she added, “Please.”

“I’m sorry,” Curiko apologized, tucking her hands safely behind her back. “I didn’t mean to intrude. I won’t commune with your mechacytes without your permission. They seem to be working overtime to heal you, so I probably shouldn’t bother them.”

Elzebeth stared thoughtfully at her cyborg hand. “They must be part of my treatment. I was wounded very badly some time ago. The metal in my body is to make up for the damage. I am still in constant pain because of it. I have to have treatments and special medicine to dull the pain. It’s one of the reasons I almost never cum, which makes you even more amazing to me.”

Curiko blushed and smiled sweetly.

“Maybe one day I will tell you the story, but I feel good right now. I don’t want to think about it.”

The lights in the office suddenly dimmed. They were replaced with the red flashing emergency lights, and the orange glowing evacuation maps. Elzebeth pressed her finger against a hidden button on her metallic wrist. An electronic screen appeared, sliding out from her forearm. On it, a worried man in a security uniform was visible.

“This is Elzebeth, what is going on?”

The man’s worried expression turned to confusion. “Who are you?”

Elzebeth sighed patiently. “I am your new chief of security. Here are my access codes.” She released a string of numbers that would have made Pythagoras jizz.