“They were originally developed for your blow job buddy, though he wasn’t pleased with them. They were good for some minor healing, but the scars turn silver. I think he was hoping for something more potent, but that was early in the testing phase. we are a little further along now, but they still won’t give him the raw power he wants.”

“When Christophe introduced them into my system, we weren’t sure what they would do. It was a risk, you see, but he needed to know how they would react to my blood. He already knew how they would react in pure human blood, but one of my parents came from the Far Shoals. There was a difference.”

“Even regular Far Shoal’s blood makes them react. It enhances the natural latent abilities in any creature it is injected in, except humans, for some reason. I have something special in my blood, though. I can control them, and make them do things.”

Elzebeth was intrigued. “What exactly can you make them do?”

“They heal me when I get hurt. I can shape shift a little, which is how I fit into the air ducts. Hmm, what else, oh yes, I can pull them out of me and make objects with them. That one is only temporary, since they run out of battery life if they stay out too long.”

Elzebeth looked on curious. “How long does that effect last?”

“An hour or two, it depends on how big the object is. Here, I’ll show you.” Curiko rolled into a crouch in front of Elzebeth. A silver thong materialized out of thin air, wrapping around Curiko’s bare crotch. Curiko giggled and caused a second object to materialize and attach itself to the thong. It was a long smooth silver phallus.

“Oh my,” Elzebeth purred. “That’s handy, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time for another round. What are your limits?”

Curiko smiled shyly and waved her hand, dispersing the dildo but leaving the thong in place. “Christophe never tested the full limits of my abilities. I was sort of a surprise. Originally, the mechacytes were designed to deliver Far Shoal’s DNA into a human host. Like I said before, it doesn’t work well with pure humans, but it will unlock latent Far Shoal’s genes. I am the only person who has ever been able to speak to them and control them, so that ability has to come from my background somewhere, but since I never knew my parents I don’t know what type of creatures they were. They could be any sort of combination of human and Far Shoals.”