With Curiko on all fours in front of her, Elzebeth shifted onto all fours herself. She briefly admired the plump pouting labia in front of her. Then she dove in, slurping hungrily at the dark pink slit. Curiko’s wiggling increased, and she cooed happy little sex noises. Curiko lowered her front to her elbows so she could reach her own fat tits, pinching them with enthusiasm.

Elzebeth would be the first to admit that she was clumsy. This was her first time eating pussy, but what she lacked in experience, she made up for in passion. She licked up and down Curiko’s pussy, taking brief moments to suck on the folded lips. Pressing her face deep into the folds, she darted her tongue as far as she could inside the mischievous girl.

Curiko started making short high pitched squeaks. “Keep doing that! Yes! Yes! I’m going to cum!”

The girl’s pussy exploded. Her body quivered and convulsed. A shower of pussy juice covered Elzebeth’s face. She sputtered, surprised by the sudden flood.

Just as she was about to pull away, a spark started deep in Curiko’s pussy. It jumped over her inner muscles, and zapped over the lining of her labia. It arched through the air, jolting Elzebeth on the tip of her nose. The shock was minute, but her surprise was real. She tumbled backwards, gasping at the unexpected tickle.

“What was that?”

Curiko turned, snuggling up against the cyborg’s belly. “That was probably my mechacytes.” She did not seem at all surprised.

Elzebeth reached for the nearest piece of cloth to wipe her face. It just happened to be Curiko’s top. She used the fabric to rid herself of the moisture around her nose and lips. She propped herself up against the couch, stretching her legs across the floor. Affectionately, she stroked Curiko’s plump butt. “What is a mechacyte? I’ve never heard that term before?”

“I probably should have warned you about that,” Curiko laughed, and the sound of it was like tinkling bells. “I have them all inside of my body, and they have acted up before when I orgasm. They are one of Christophe’s inventions, a mix of modern technology and far shoals magic. He is brilliant, and he made something special out of me when he brought me here.”

“That’s fascinating,” Elzebeth pulled Curiko backwards into a snuggle. The curious girl didn’t resist, and fell back into a comfortable heap. Elzebeth traced her finger around Curiko’s areola, making her purr contentedly. “Do you mind telling me a little more about them?”