Rebecca, at a loss for words, but nodding enthusiastically, lifted her brother’s arm, and struggled to help him stand up. His pants kept falling down around his ankles, and he half hobbled to escape. The two of them looked almost comical in their escape. Their fellow pirates were already waiting to help them across the gap between the ships. Redbones was sputtering about taking Dragon’s cargo in retribution.

Phenris carried Dragon gently below decks, cradling her in his arms.

“Those two are going to make off with our cargo if we don’t watch them. The hold access is right there on the deck.”

“Let them. It was what they were after when they boarded.” Phenris held a cloth to her wound, putting pressure on it to keep the bleed from leaking out.

Dragon hoped the cut wasn’t too serious. She hardly wanted to pass out right here in front of Phenris. “You still care,” she mocked.

Phenris sighed. “Shut up Dragon.”