“I will have more than just your breasts,” retorted the pirate. “When I’m done you will be lying naked on the deck of your own ship begging me to take you like the hussy you are.”

Phenris shifted, a low growl rumbling in his chest.

Redbones looked at the other man like he was seeing him for the first time. “Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to see that sweet body writhing on the deck.”

Phenris answered with an angry sort.

“Suit yourself,” said Redbones.

“Enough banter,” shrieked Dragon. She charged Redbones with renewed vigor, taking advantage of his momentary distraction. The pirate wasn’t braced for the attack so he stumbled backwards. It was all he could do to fend off the flurry of attacks. “Do you want my tits you arrogant bastard? My tits are right here in front of you!”

Redbones was struggling now, but still he was trying to plant the tip of his blade under the last remaining button. That was pure arrogance as far as Dragon was concerned. With a tight smirk, she lowered her sword to the side, letting her guard down by a fraction.

Redbones fell for it, thinking he was seeing an opening for attack. As soon as he struck, Dragon dropped to her knees. It was an unexpected maneuver, and the sword blow meant for the final button on her jacket wound up embedded in her shoulder.

When she felt the tip of the blade pierce her, she swiped upwards, cutting the buckle from Redbones’ pants. The pirate froze in place, and his pants dropped to the deck. Dragon stared at his bare cock, now revealed. She giggled, “Worth it. Although I was expecting either an impressive cock, or a small one. What I see before me is rather average.”

Crimson blossomed on Dragon’s jacket. She whimpered as the shock wore off and pain seared her system. There was a sudden roar, and Redbones went flying backwards, backhanded by an angry giant.

Phenris scooped the bleeding captain into his arms. There was something primal about him now, and wild. His scent smelled like warm leather, and his arms were soft and hairy.

His voice also seemed more growling, and the words were slurred. He faced Rebecca, “Get your brother off this ship before I break him in half.”