Dragon parried his attack with no small skill of her own. She swiped back, testing his defense to find the chinks in his style. “You don’t need to expose my nature Redbones, everyone knows I’m a delinquent.”

The pair continued to exchange blows. Each expert attack was met by a block of equal expertise. They danced back and forth across the deck, testing each other with each jab. Dragon made a wild feint, attempting to catch the pirate off guard. Redbones wasn’t fooled, and he deflected her easily. With a wild motion of his own, he drove his point towards the opening in front of Dragon’s chest.

His blade pierced the fabric of her jacket just below the top button. Dragon froze, waiting for the familiar sting of the rapier’s needle sharp tip. Instead of piercing her skin, Redbones stopped the sword just shy of flesh. With a quick flick upwards, he snipped the top button of her jacket and sent it flying over the railing.

Dragon gave an indignant squeak. The top of her cleavage blossomed over the lacy lapel. Catching her breath, she retreated, backing away so she could steady herself in a guarded pose. She huffed, “Oh, that’s what you meant by expose.”

Redbones grinned from ear to ear. His dastardly charm was making her want to stick him right through that smug expression. She scowled, at least he was breathing heavy too, though that did nothing to help her when she rushed him again.

Dragon was off her form, and left unbalanced by the pirates earlier victory. She thrust awkwardly, but was battered away. He was infuriating, and he was a step ahead of her with every move. She wasn’t used to being second best. Dragon was usually miles ahead of the competition.

When the point of his sword landed neatly between her breasts a second time, she uttered a loud frustrated scream. This didn’t stop the pirate from sending her second button to follow the first over the railing. More of her chest exploded from her jacket, and she was dangerously close to showing nipple. One more button and she was going to spill out entirely, displaying her breasts for the world to see.

It wasn’t that she minded her breasts being exposed. She was hardly a prude about her body. Why hide something so sleek and desirable? She just didn’t like that asshole having the upper hand. It rubbed her the wrong way.

She back pedaled, trying to hide her panting behind a mask of sarcasm. “Very few men are willing to work this hard to see my tits. If you had asked, I might have obliged you like I did your sister.”