“And you,” Jacob pointed an accusatory finger at Dragon. “You have besmirched my sister’s honor. You will pay for that insult.”

“You’re already stealing my cargo.”Said Dragon testily. “Besides, I didn’t hear her complaining, and even if she did, I would just shut her up like this.”

Dragon reached behind Becca’s head, grabbing a handful of dark hair. She pulled her into a lusty kiss with lots of tongue. She leaned forward, lowering the pirate into a long luscious dip. Becca’s tongue lapped playfully against Dragon’s, then she nipped the swarthy captain’s lower lip and pulled away.

“He’s going to kill you for that,” she snickered. Her hot breath caressed Dragon’s face.

Becca’s sheet had slipped from her chest, exposing one of her soft pert breasts. Dragon was struck by the urge to plunder those lips and ply her hands across those sensitive nubs one more time. At that moment a pistol shot rang across the bow. Startled, Dragon flinched. Becca slipped from her arms to land in an uncomfortable heap on the wooden deck of the ship. Becca groaned and rubbed her injured ass, already bruised by the spanking she had received earlier.

Dragon was now alert to the hostilities aimed at her. There was also the pistol, pointed at her heart. She raised her hands in surrender. The pirate had her undivided attention.

Jacobs face was ashen white, his teeth gritting painfully.

Becca struggled to sit up and put herself between her brother and the captain. “Honestly, Jacob, there is nothing honorable about shooting my unarmed lover in cold blood.”

Jacob snorted. “As if this cad deserves an honorable fight.”

Nonetheless, he holstered his pistol, drawing instead a needle sharp rapier. “Because my sister requests it, I am obliged to offer you a proper duel.”

Dragon grinned. She stepped up to her ship’s wheel and drew a similar weapon from behind it. “I accept the terms. I love a good old fashioned sword fight. I will warn you one of us was dubbed the island queen of fencing, and as lovely as you are.” She bowed at Redbones. “It wasn’t you.”

Phenris cast a dubious glance at Dragon. “I could just toss him overboard and be done with it.”

“I’ve got this,” Dragon assured her burly first mate. She raised her sword to Redbones in a traditional salute.

Redbones returned her salute. With the grace of a seasoned sword fighter, and the speed of a sturgeon he lunged toward the female captain. “I shall expose you, delinquent.”