“What the blazes?” cursed Dragon, donning her discarded britches and a button up jacket. She managed to button three out of eighteen by the time she had bowled through the door and past her first mate.

“What in the name of the three goddesses is going on here?” she demanded. She frowned at the scene before her.

Lashed to her deck was another schooner, this one three times as large as her own ship, six billowing sails tugging at the breeze. The highest mast was decorated with a pirate flag, a black bone and sword crossed, on a vibrant red background. She knew the sigil, even if she couldn’t quite place the clan.

A stranger was on her deck, and he hadn’t bothered to get her permission. He was tall, and thin and roguishly handsome. He had dark hair and skin, ominously similar to the wench she had just been fucking. Instead of purple streaks in his hair, he sported a long crimson wave that was tied neatly behind his head in a tail.

Dark stubble dotted his cleft chin. His taste in clothes ran congruent to Dragon’s with tall boots, tight breeches, and a ruffled jacket that was causing Dragon some small jealousy. If her tastes had leaned even slightly in the direction of brigand, she would have been smitten for sure.

He smiled benignly, and winked at Dragon. “My name is Jacob Redbones, of the Redbones pirate clan. I’m here to steal your cargo, and possibly your heart.”

His boyish charm made his attempted theft almost endearing. It was, however, no small matter that he had boarded her ship in a very piratical manner. Dragon crossed her arms and scowled at the newcomer. Phenris took a stance two paces behind her, but she could hear the fabric of his shirt strain as he flexed his ample muscles. The two of them made an impressive front, but when Becca pranced around them wearing nothing but a bed sheet, their fates were sealed.

The intruding pirate stared at Becca, his mouth agape like a codfish. Then he got a murderous glare in his eyes, which he turned with no sympathy to Dragon.

“What are you doing to my sister!” he roared, his words echoing out over the water.

“Your sister?” Questioned Dragon, her eyes wide. “So her story was true. She really is a pirate.”

“You told them you were a pirate? Rebecca, how could you? How can you be a respectable lady when you’re gallivanting with riffraff like this?” The veins stood out on Jacob’s temples.

“Says the thief.” snickered Dragon.