With a sudden gasp, Dragon twined her fingers through Becca’s hair, pulling her away from the tawdry kiss, and shoving the pirate’s face between her own, slightly smaller set of heaving breasts. Becca didn’t hesitate. She grasped Dragon’s nipple between her teeth, and bit just hard enough to feel exquisite. The tantalizing creature didn’t stop there. She nipped and tugged on Dragon’s breasts like an animal with a yummy snack.

Dragon gasped and moaned. It wasn’t long before she was writhing helplessly at her pirate’s whim. Becca stooped, parting Dragon’s knees and planting nipping kisses on the plump flesh between Dragon’s legs. This sent Dragon over the edge, her body trembled with the passion welling up inside her.

Becca dove into the cleft between the captain’s thighs, licking and slurping up the juices there. Dragon moaned in exquisite pleasure, shifting her hips and spreading her legs wider. Strong plying fingers separated the folds of her sex, and the sudden thrust deep into those folds made Dragon gasp and slide down the headboard until she was prone under Becca.

The pirate’s knee arched over Dragon, landing lightly on the pillow beside her ear. Her other knee was then planted firmly on the opposite side. Dragon was now presented with a juicy pussy, labia dangling like a clam, moist and seductively at her.

Smiling at the sultry delicacy, Dragon dove in nose first. Her hands, which had been lying uselessly at her sides, sought out the globes of Becca’s breasts, tottering between the two women. Her vigor was answered with a satisfying whimper from Becca. She stuck out her tongue, rolling it around the pirates warm swollen clit. Becca ground her pussy into Dragon’s face, and the captain slurped happily.

The two women enjoyed each other, reveling in the 69 position When Becca came, it was with a loud squealing orgasm. Hot juices squirted all over Dragon’s face and hair, drenching her in orgasmic essence. The fingers Becca was using to toy with her pussy were slammed inside, making her own sex convulse in a satisfying climax.

They rested there for a moment, one atop the other, sweat and sexual nectar mingling. Both heaving great indulging breaths as the exasperation of their love making eased. They snuggled there, content to relax in each others presence, when a sudden jolt interrupted them, followed by a tentative knock on the door.

“Captain.” It was Phenris, his voice strained and cautious. “I think you had better get out here. We’re being boarded.”