Becca shivered. “No one has ever laid a hand on me like that before. I could have you drawn and quartered for it, but instead I think I’ll exact my own brand of revenge.

Twisting out of Dragon’s grasp so fast she was almost a blur, Becca pounced on the captain. She leaned against her pinning her captive to the bed. “Now it’s my turn to torture you. Ultimately, you will succumb to my desires and hand over your cargo. No, not so fast,” she put her finger against Dragons lips to stop any protest. “I want to have my way with you first.”

Instead of protesting, Dragon opened her mouth ever so slightly, and popped Becca’s finger inside. She sucked it running her tongue across the knuckles playfully. Then she grinned and tugged at the single button holding Becca’s shirt together.

The button burst, exposing Becca’s round bobbing tits. She shed the shirt, revealing her full topless glory. Moisture on her skin shimmered in the dim light that permeated the cabin. Dragon smacked the jiggling melons playfully against each other. She squeezed one of them with her right hand, and with the left she drew Becca closer to her.

Becca leaned over Dragon, shimmying her chest in a very appetizing way. Popping one of those pert nipples into her mouth, Dragon took the invitation as it was intended. She rolled the hard nub around with her tongue, tasting the salt that lingered on soft skin.

Dragon made an O-shape with her mouth, widening it to take in more of Becca’s tasty tit. The flesh around her nipple was tight and wrinkled, Becca’s body responding in kind to the intimate ministrations. This only encouraged Dragon, and she sucked harder on the mocha mound.

The pirate caught her breath, hissing and letting it out slowly. “I’m supposed to be the one torturing you,” she moaned.

Laughing, Dragon drew back, shifting herself upwards so she was leaning more comfortably against the headboard. “Fine, do your worst.” She couldn’t help the silly grin that slid across her face.

Becca tugged at Dragon’s clothing, and her own, until they were all mixed together in a crumpled heap on the wooden floor. When there was no more annoying cloth between her skin and the captain’s, She leaned over, planting a firm heated kiss on Dragon’s lips.

She rubbed her body against Dragon’s, their perspiration mingling, the musky scent of lust heavy in the air. Her warm fingers made Dragon’s skin tingle, every stroke making her more sensitive, more receptive to the next. Lips locked together, turgid and swollen, the two women toyed their tongues around one another, sharing their slick moisture.