At that moment, the boat shifted. Phenris had managed to sort out the ship’s augmentations and steering, and he was pulling away from the dock with jerking hesitant movements. One of those movements caused the cabin to tilt, and Dragon was thrown down on the bed, landing hard in the sitting position. Becca fell across her lap, landing on her stomach. She kicked her dainty feet, which exposed her round caramel ass, like fine candy. The ship steadied, signaling that their journey was underway.

Becca sighed, her breasts heaving against Dragon’s right thigh.“That wasn’t the sexy seduction I had intended.” She started to pull herself off Dragon’s lap, but the captain gently pushed her back down again. She struggled for a second before relinquishing, and relaxing her body prone over Dragon’s knee.

“You’ve been a naughty pirate, and you should be punished.”

Becca snorted. “You want to play games with me? Alright, how exactly should I be punished?”

“I’m going to spank that tempting little tush of yours. When I’m done, you can tell me what a good girl you’ll be from now on.”

“It’s going to take one hell of a spanking to make me a good girl.” giggled Becca.

Dragon pulled the plaid skirt up, revealing not only Becca’s curvacious ass, but her puckered rosebud nestled between her cheeks, and the slit below that which was already moist with anticipation. The captain drew her hand across the pirates mocha skin. Then she gave it an experimental slap. If Becca’s skin were any darker, the rosy spot wouldn’t have been evident, but a beautiful discolored blossom appeared where Dragon had smacked her.

The pirate wiggle her ass, and taunted. “Is that the best you have. I barely felt that.”

Dragon grinned. “Oh, we’re just getting started.” She smacked Becca’s ass firmly.

Becca squealed.

Dragon smacked her prisoner again, leaving a barrage of hot red hand prints. Each one caused an exquisite stinging in Dragons hand. Each one made Becca cry out, pleading for mercy and begging for more in the same breath.

All the while, Becca dangled over Dragon’s lap. Her breasts bounced with every slap. Her belly and thighs jiggled enticingly against the captain’s knee. Dragon drew a ragged breath, and paused to survey her handiwork. She caressed the marks she had made, trailing over them with a tender finger.

Dragon leaned in and kissed the warm sensitive flesh.