“Most of it is self explanatory. You’re a Seaworthy, you’ll figure it out.” Said Dragon, her eyes still glued to Becca. She offered a hand to the young woman.

The girl giggled, and allowed Dragon to assist her down off the railing, following her complacently to the captain to her quarters. “Who said I was a lady?” she tittered.

With a heaving sigh, Phenris set to casting off, grumbling about captains having all the fun. Dragon ignored him, choosing instead to focus all her attention on Becca. There was a lot to pay attention to. Dragon couldn’t resist the way Becca swung her hips when she walked, or the naughty inflection in her voice.

Dragon opened her cabin door, gesturing for Becca to enter. When they were inside, she closed the door firmly behind them. Now she was alone with this jewel of the sea.

The vixen was over the top sexy, and Dragon was being strung along behind her like a lure. Becca turned suddenly, tossing her hair over a shoulder with an expert flip. She leaned into Dragon, forcing the sea woman to catch and support her.

“How can I ever repay you?” she whispered sweetly into Dragon’s ear.

“Do you even know where we’re going?” The question had been digging a nagging hole in the back of Dragon’s mind, but it was so hard to concentrate.

“Does it matter?” Becca answered with her own question, lifting her leg above Dragon’s thigh. She brought the captains hand down, and placed it over her round bare rear.

“Shut up.” Dragon told the back of her mind.

“Soft butt,” The back of her mind replied.

Out loud Dragon said, “You have a lovely rump.”

The captain collected what few thoughts she could manage, and gave reason one final try. “I know I have a reputation for being seductive and desirable, but I’m willing to bet that isn’t the reason you asked passage aboard my ship. Why are you really here?”

“The truth?” asked Becca, unbuttoning Dragon’s jacket and running her hand under the shirt beneath. “The truth is, I’m a pirate, and I’ve come to steal your cargo.” As she said the final words, her hand brushed against Dragon’s nipple, enticing the nub into a hard point. That was the moment reason left Dragon far behind on its journey towards logic.