It was really good fortune that she had found Phenris when she did. Navigating the shallows was going to present an extra special hell with the boat sitting so low in the water. An extra set of eyes to watch for sand bars could spell the difference between completing this run, and ending up scuttled.

“Dragon.” The voice of her companion broke into her thoughts.

“What is it Phenris?”

“There’s a girl on the boat. Does that happen often?”

“Not often enough, if you ask me.” quipped Dragon, but she didn’t recognize the strange beauty sitting on the railing.

The comely woman draped herself over the rail like a sea goddess. She was young, Dragon placed her around eighteen or nineteen years old. She had long legs stretching out over the banister. They curved sensually upwards, meeting under a pleated skirt that barely covered her more intimate places. She certainly wasn’t wearing anything underneath that tiny bit of cloth.

Her curves continued over her ample round ass, and past her well proportioned hips. She wore a white men’s dress shirt with only a single button clasped in the middle. This exposed the deep cleft between her breasts on one side, and her navel on the other. A tiny purple jewel glimmered brightly in the indention of her belly button.

Under her clothes, her dark brown skin could have been a deep tan, or it bespoke a heritage mixed liberally with the native population. Her hair was raven black with streaked purple highlights. She peered down at Dragon and her companion with dark chocolate eyes that flared to bright orange around the edges. This made her sparkling orbs looked like they were set aflame.

Both Dragon and Phenris stopped dead in their tracks, momentarily enthralled by this beauty dangling off the ship.

“Are you Dragon Seaworthy?” The girl asked, throwing her legs over the railing and exposing a smooth clean shaven slit.

Dragon drooled, and managed a weak nod.

“My name is Becca, and I want passage on your ship. I haven’t any money to pay you, but I have some talents you might be interested in.”

“I’m sure we can work something out.” Dragon agreed, staring unabashedly at the young woman’s delicate pussy lips. “Phenris, take the helm. I’m going to take this nice young lady to my quarters, so we can negotiate.”

Phenris looked mildly disappointed. “You haven’t shown me how to use your fancy equipment. I’m not even sure how to steer the ship.”