When she had her fill, she splashed the water over her face. She immensely enjoyed the feeling of dirt and grime sloughing off her skin. The water felt so clean and wonderful, that Eaglette was struck by a powerful desire to be immersed in it. She wanted it surrounding her, caressing her in cool liquid heaven. Her hot dry skin ached with the thought.

Eaglette dumped her dusty clothes in a messy pile on the pearly shore. Her bare breasts glistened with sweat in the sweltering sunlight. She placed a tentative calloused foot into the pristine water, and felt a moment of regret. The mud clinging to her worked out from her foot in a ripple, marring the flawless glass. Shaking her head, she ignored the sharp sentiment, and sloshed headfirst into the water.

It was glorious, the water lapped against her skin, removing dirt, grime, and days of fatigue. She dunked her head beneath the surface. Holding her breath, she waited. The world around her was quiet, and calm. The peace there was indescribable. She had never felt so at one with everything around her.

Her eyes suddenly shot open. What was the noise she just heard? It sounded like laughter, but it must be just the bubbles from the waterfall. She dashed to the shore in a sudden fit of uneasiness.

Naked, she suddenly felt vulnerable. Was that a noise in the bushes? Were there eyes watching her from the cover of the trees? No, of course not. She had just been spending far too much time alone in the wilderness. She was hearing things, that was all. There wasn’t another human for miles.

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