She lowered her pack to the ground, setting it on the smooth pebbled shoreline. Her boots crunched against the tiny stones where she walked. She dropped to her knees, the water ripples lapping gently against her pants. Nothing in this world could compare to the cool crisp water in front of her. Her hands trembled, and she reached for the tantalizing liquid.

She dove her hands into the crystal clear water, the chill tingling against her fingers, sending sharp shivers of anticipation through the rest of her tortured body. Reverently she lifted the water to her dry cracked lips and let the cold refreshing liquid slide between them. She forced herself to drink slowly, choking at first when the water hit her dehydrated throat.

It was worth it. Each sip of water invigorated her, bringing new life back into her parched form. Each taste brought with it the promise of life, and survival. Eaglette drank it in thirstily, slowing only when her terrible thirst had slacked, and water dripped down her shirt between her breasts.

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