This time it was Eaglette’s turn to scream. The shell filled her pussy to the limit, stretching her wide. Ripple drove hard and fast into her, and the orgasms started almost immediately. It was intense, waves of absolute ecstasy flowing around her, radiating off her and pulsing through the water. Ripple didn’t stop, she was on a mission to catch Eaglette up, and it was going to take several orgasms until the two women were even.

One climax after the other wracked Eaglette’s already exhausted body. She had no control, and Ripple showed her little mercy. That wasn’t surprising, since she was probably getting her back for earlier in the day when Eaglette used her own brand of pleasure to torture the guardian.

Finally, Ripple uttered a pathetic mewl, and she came for the final time. Both women were absolutely exhausted from their ordeal. Eaglette was released from her viney bondage, but she didn’t have the energy to escape. It wouldn’t have done much good anyway, since the guardian had already had her way with every orifice.

With a burst of energy that was lacking in the hunter, Ripple dragged them both back out onto the pebbled shore. They lay there, sopping wet, and covered in their own juices. Thick milky ooze dripped from both their pussies, the effect their love making had on the smooth shell dildo.

Neither one spoke, for a long time. The moon edged it’s way over the tree line, and a brilliant canopy of stars appeared above them. They relaxed against one another, snuggling in the mess of naked flesh and body fluids. Both of them content beyond all reason.

Ripple was the first to speak. Her voice was hesitant and shy. “You may go, my eagle eyed hunter. You have fully paid your debt to me. I release you.” Eaglette laughed. It started as a tiny hiccuping giggle, but soon bloomed into a full body shaking belly laugh. She laughed and laughed until she couldn’t breath. Tears were rolling down her rosy cheeks, and still she laughed. Her sides ached from the laughter, heck, even her pussy ached from the renewed blood flow. Still she couldn’t stop. The laughter just kept rolling out of her like a wave of giddy hilarity.

“What is so funny?” demanded Ripple. “I’ve just told you that you are free to go.”

Between gasps, Eaglette managed to cobble a sentence together. “Why would I want to do that, you silly green monster.”

And the truth was, she had no plans to leave.