She stood, tottering a little, then she darted for the tree line. The pebbles on the beach had gone from pleasantly textured to a hazardous slippery terrain. Eaglette was a pretty good runner. She had spent a lot of time in the deep forest, and she was fit and slim.

That wasn’t enough to save her from the tortures Ripple was planning. One of the vines came up from behind her, grabbing her around the waist and lifting her into the air. It pulled her back towards Ripple, and the lake, which was now amassed with countless vines shooting into the air above the water.

Eaglette struggled, but it was useless. The vines held onto her tightly. They whipped back, suspending her above the lake, flipping her over so she could see the conglomeration of vines. In the center was Ripple, reclined against one of the larger creepers like a queen on her throne.

“I don’t suppose it would help if I said I was sorry?” hazarded Eaglette.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Ripple said in a whisper almost too soft to hear. Her eyes had gone misty, and her face was a mask of serenity. She was lost in the moment, barely even acknowledging Eaglette’s struggles. It was the most frightening thing the hunter had ever witnessed. She was trapped, and completely at the mercy of this creature before her, a creature whom, up until now, she had sorely underestimated.

The vines lifted Ripple towards the hunter, and she spread her legs invitingly. Eaglette was somewhat exasperated with herself when she realized that even now she wanted to dive headfirst into that inviting pussy. It was a cute little slit, and it made her mouth water just watching it approach.

Ripple had other plans for her victim, however, plans that didn’t involve Eaglette getting her way. The guardian didn’t speak, but the slightest flick of her hand made the vines move once more. They grabbed Eaglette’s arms and legs, spreading them apart. The hunter grunted, tugging at the restraints.

Eaglette’s wrists started going numb almost immediately, and the muscles in her groin pulled painfully. She was spread open, naked, and completely helpless. Her pussy and ass gaped open, and if there had been anyone behind her, they would have been able to see right down into her deepest depths.

When Ripple was under her nose, that tender slit taunting her from mere inches away, the guardian halted her upward ascent.