Ripple was matching Eaglette’s enthusiasm, making desperate mewling noises. Though she could have stayed there, in that embrace forever, Eaglette, reluctantly untangled herself from the cup she was imbibing. If those lips were addictive, how much more habit forming was the rest of this gorgeous woman. She wanted to find out, wanted to lose herself in pure desire. To do that, she had to move her affections from Ripple’s intoxicating lips to other parts of her equally mind numbing anatomy.

“No!” Ripple struggled, fighting to keep the connection, pulling Eaglette’s lips back against her own.

This elicited a deep chuckle from Eaglette. “Don’t you want me to touch the rest of you?” She murmured into Ripple’s plying mouth.

“Yes, but this feels good. I am not done yet, and I don’t want you to stop. Kiss me again human, I demand it.” “My name is Eaglette,” she scolded lightly, but she gave in to Ripple’s petulant demands, and dove into a second passionate kiss. The two of them wrapped around each other, legs and arms entwining in their embrace. Together, they sank to the soft pebbles on the shores of the lake. Finally, Ripple let Eaglette go, but watched her intensely, almost sternly.

Now that she was spread on the ground, Eaglette couldn’t hold back her desire to explore Ripple’s soft green skin. She removed the vines that hid the creature’s body from her, tossing them aside. She touched Ripple’s shoulder with her index finger, tracing spirals all up and down her arm. Ripple watched the patters, her head cocked to the side, a look of deep fascination falling over her.

Next, Eaglette traced her finger up and under the cleft of Ripple’s chin. Then she swept it down her neck, making a little circle at the base. Eaglette leaned in closely, planting a kiss on the guardian’s collar bone. The poacher’s wandering hand opened, laying her palm against soft skin. Smoothly, she cupped Ripple’s breast, lifting the orb, feeling the weight of it pressing against her tingling fingers.

Eagette brushed against the guardian’s dark nipple with her thumb. This caused Ripple to breath in sharply. Eaglette liked that reaction, and responded by placing the nub between her forefinger and thumb, then rolling it gently back and forth. Her actions generated such a profound series of helpless whimpers, that she did it again, only harder. If the tiny green woman hadn’t been laying on the ground, she would no doubt have collapsed at Eaglette’s feet. This brought a pixie smile to Eaglette’s face that was both smug and scheming.