“Are you a nymph?” asked Eaglette, “Are you a water spirit? Where did you come from?” Her curiosity was overwhelming, but the creature seemed more annoyed by this than ever.

“Stop asking questions. Only I can ask questions. You are in my domain puny human. I demand payment, where is my payment?”

“Fine, little princess of the lake. What kind of payment are you asking for?”

“I am not little,” Ripple’s face turned a royal shade of forest green. “I’m older than you by a hundred years at least, and I’m a guardian, not a princess. I’ve been taking care of this place since before the gates were closed. I was a gate tender, but now all I have left is this lake. This lake which you have desecrated. So pay up, human, or else I’m going to get really angry.”

“What do I owe you?” Eaglette asked, trying to wipe the smirk from her face.

“For the drink of water you stole, I want a kiss.” Ripple said. Her determined scowl almost made Eaglette burst out laughing. Almost. The huntress leaned over, puckering her lips, and waiting for the impending kiss.

“No, human,” Ripple corrected sternly. “Not here,” she pointed to her lush lips. “Here,” Ripple spread her legs slightly, and gestured to a place that should have been more private, but was very much exposed on the beautiful nearly naked creature.

“You want me to kiss you down there?” Eaglette indicated Ripple’s slim hairless sex.

“Yes mortal, even if the thought is too disgusting to bear.”

“It’s hardly a disgusting thought,” mused Eaglette, bending down to offer her lips to Ripple’s tender slit.

“Really? You don’t find me strange and ugly?”

Anything else the mystical girl was about to say was lost in a series of moans and sighs. Eaglette parted her labia, revealing a vibrant green pussy. Though she had many lovers in the past, she had never seen a pussy so perfect and delicate. It was just the right shape and size, warm to the touch, and slick with obvious anticipation.

Gently she laid a kiss on the parted lips, lingering on the tiny sensitive bud just above the sensuous slit. Ripple twined her fingers around the hair close to Eaglette’s scalp. When her lips touched the creatures clit, she gasped, and dug her fingers in hard. A moan escaped the hunter, breathing hot breath on Ripple’s sex, brushing it and burning it with an intensity that neither one could have expected.

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