This is my apartment, and I don’t think you should be calling me that.” Ellie didn’t want to admit that every time Ophelia used the word “Master,” it made her tingle.

It isn’t very big is it?” She frowned when she saw the meager contents of Ellie’s fridge, and with a look of resignation, she grabbed a box of leftover lo-mein takeout. “My other master had a huge house, but I don’t need much room.”

Ellie felt a sudden apprehension, and she entered her kitchen smothered in feelings of inadequacy. She wasn’t sure where the feelings were coming from. “She’s not yours to keep, Ellie. No matter what she says,” she chided herself.

If you aren’t Master, then why do you feel like Master,” asked Ophelia, “Why can I hear you in here, like Master,” she added out loud, pointing to her head.

Ellie was at a loss. In truth, the whole situation was utterly absurd. She had always been able to pick up on other people’s thoughts, but no one had ever heard her thoughts in return. She watched in a surreal daze while Ophelia opened her ancient microwave, and punched in the numbers. Then the girl stared impatiently while the noodles warmed up.

Are you always hungry after you…you know, after you change?” Ellie asked hesitantly.

Do you ever go for a run or workout, and get really hungry afterward?”

Yes,” said Ellie. She knew that feeling.

It’s like that, but a billion times worse.” The timer went off, and Ophelia removed the steaming noodles. “Too hot,” she groaned. Her bottom lip protruded in an adorable pout. “This is taking forever.”

I haven’t had dinner yet.” Ellie said thoughtfully. “Why don’t I order us a pizza? I’ll even make it a large since you’re so hungry.”

Ophelia’s eyes grew wide. “I love pizza. I had it one time when we were traveling. I had the one with pepperoni. It was delicious.”

Pizza it is then,” smiled Ellie. While Ophelia polished off the lo-mein, Ellie ordered them a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese.

When Ophelia finished the takeout, she stood in the kitchen, holding the empty container with a look of deep regret in her eyes.

You can watch the television until the pizza arrives,” suggested Ellie.