She dashed away from the wreckage, searching for cover. Her breath was ragged, and her heart beat loudly in her ears. Even if she hid, her pulse would be sure to give her away. Behind her, the earth erupted into flame, barely missing her, and scorching the ground where she was just seconds before. The blast sent chunks of concrete flying in all directions.

Dragon,” the thought had unmistakably come from Ophelia.

Ellie dashed past the van, using it as a shield to protect her from the oncoming blast. It only protected her for a moment, however, as the van burst into flame with another fiery blast. Ellie saw two options, since she would never be able to make it to her car before she was incinerated.

She could run for the fence, and try to climb it, but the chance of her making it over before the dragon caught her was slim. The only chance she had was if she could make it to the bar without getting caught in another blast. She judged the distance, and dashed as fast as her legs would carry her.

Ellie ran with all her might, but it wasn’t enough. The dragon loomed beside her, pulling in a deep breath that would release fire on her, burning her to a crisp. Suddenly, a naked teal demon dodged in front of her, blocking the fire breathing monster from view.

Oh no you don’t,” thought Ophelia, coming between the dragon and its prey. She threw her hands, just as the blast hit them. Waves of energy formed from her outstretched hands, creating a shield from the vicious blast.

Run,” Ophelia said aloud to Ellie, and the investigator hurried to obey her.

Ellie covered the rest of the distance between the bar and the van just as the vehicle exploded. It sent a wave of heat against her, scorching her. She threw herself through the doorway before the heat could completely engulf her. Closing the door behind herself was impossible. She had broken the jam in her haste to escape the explosion.

Ellie headed to the back of the bar, intent on finding an exit in that direction. Her search was cut short, when Ophelia went flying through the open door, taking half the wall with her. The teal creature crashed into the wall lined with various bottles, and crumbled in a heap on the floor behind the bar. Broken glass tinkled, and the scent of alcohol filled the air.