eagletteprofile Eaglette

Eaglette was a hunter, and a fairly good one. She lived in a poor village in South Victoria, until the day she was chased by bandits and got lost. In a part of the forest which she didn’t know existed, she found love and adventure. Who says all the monsters in the forest are scary? Some of them can be quite sweet, actually.


Ripple is from the Far Shoals, and she is a hideous green monster. Nothing anyone says will change her mind about that. It doesn’t matter that love stumbled onto her, or that her friends tell her she is beautiful the way she is. She knows she is frightening, especially when she uses plant magic to make the puny humans do her biding.


Ellie lives in Harborton, a typical port city in North Victoria. She is psychic, but she pretends she is just very perceptive, so she can get jobs working with local police detectives. When she finds a young woman, who turns into a scary monster, and they connect psychically, her world gets turned upside down.


Ophelia is a monster, and a tool. She has been taught from birth that her life serves two purposes. She must protect her handler, and kill monsters who cause trouble. When a fatal mistake leaves her untethered and on the verge of a psychic breakdown, Ellie saves her from a fate worse than death.


Cassandra works for a corporation who hired her for her archaeological skills. She is being paid on commission for information regarding ancient gates to a land called the Far Shoals. She knows more about these gates than anyone in her world, but even she will discover surprises among the ruins. Now she just needs to survive to tell the tale.

riggitprofile Riggit

Riggit is a cat creature from the Far Shoals. He lives in the Shallows, the lighter side of the Far Shoals. He is a member of a dying order who hold secret knowledge about operating the gates between the Far Shoals and the world of the Calm. When a human woman lands in his lap, he gives her a piece of his heart, and some forbidden information. Will he pay for passing on knowledge that he shouldn’t?


Schvark may look like a little gremlin, but his feelings run deep. He is a devoted friend and lover who will go to great lengths to make sure his friends are safe and happy. If that means fixing a busted sink, he will do it. If you need to be rescued from the scourge of the universe, he will do that too. his love has no limits.


Shadow’s mother is an island Queen in the Deep, the darker side of the Far Shoals. Her father is Jagarund, the black dragon himself. That makes Shadow a princess, a very important one. She has other siblings, but she has been chosen by her father as his successor. That means Shadow always gets her way.


John is just your average law officer, except for his above average good looks and muscles. He tries his best to follow the straight and narrow. John has one problem keeping to the tiny path of right. He comes from a long line of thieves, and pirates.


Lu collects things. He likes making lists, and having everything in nice numbered rows. He’s good with any kind of tech, and excels at data and information gathering. It’s the women in his life who keep him on his toes. If it wasn’t for his wife, and their mutual girlfriend Cassandra, he would be in a chair in front of his computer gathering dust.


Nathan was a monster before Ripple reminded him what a good boy he was. When he was dirty and clouded, he was angry and just wanted to hurt everything. Now that he can think clearly he wants to do everything he can to make Ripple happy.


Dragon captains the Lady in Rapture. She’s the fastest smuggling vessel in the Makawi Islands. When Dragon looses a cargo, and has to pay for it with her services, she suddenly finds herself indebted to the worst types of villains.


Phenris is smitten by the cute sexy captain that he works for. He would do anything to keep her safe and make her happy. Too bad he can’t save her from herself. Of course, he also can’t save her from him, and the terrible secret that he keeps from her.


Few people do evil quite as well as Vella. She also does science. Between the two, nobody does evil mad science quite like she does.


Becca is a bad little pirate. All she wants is to be spanked, and a ship of her very own.


Jacob is a pirate.


A silver haired stranger. Who could she be?