Adventures on Shoals Asunder Welcome human. I am Ripple, a great and powerful being from the Far Shoals. Once the mundane world of the Calm and the magical realm of the Far Shoals were connected by stone portals. Long ago mysterious figures shattered most of the gates, sundering the worlds and trapping poor creatures such as myself in the Calm. Those of us trapped have remained hidden, hoping for a way to return to our home. Now, magic seems to be returning to the Calm, but the source may not have the most benevolent of intentions. Joins us as we explore the sensual and exciting mysteries of Shoals Asunder.

Be aware, Adventures on Shoals Asunder is an illustrated serial erotica intended only for mature audiences.


What’s New?

Chapter 8: Sinful Science

Meet Curiko, a sexy experiment haunting the labs and ducts of the Droxen Corporation. In her lurkings she stumbles upon a very interesting and arousing situation with a half mechanical woman and the CEO of the corporation she plagues.